Named slave zone not updating

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If you are talking about adding a new zone, i.e., mydomain2to the master then you must update the slave conf for it to know about it. the reason behind this is because some people when certain zone on certain servers and not others.

Specifically problems are encountered with updating slave zone database files, creating DDNS journal files and updating master zones from journals.It also manifests itself as named being unable to create custom log files.Once I edit the slave server file manually and add the zone entry for the newly registered/created domain and reload named then db files are getting created without any issue. Again I am mentioning it here why zone record are not getting appended to at slave server when I add a new domain name at master server.Are we talking Zone records or new zone file altogether here?Comments are included in the files to describe functionality.

The configuration used throughout is: Everyone has their own ideas on a good naming convention and thus something that is supposed to be useful becomes contentious. Its sole merits are; it is a convention; it makes sense to its authors.The names were not handed down on tablets of stone.The functionality of the master name server was previously described.While checking the file I see that the zone entry has not been updated at slave server.If I update it manually and reload named on slave then zone files (db files) are getting created without any issue and any modification at master server for the zone records are also getting updated.Where possible we cover alternate configurations or at least note the alternate configurations.